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Diamond Programs
Features Comparison Chart
Ad-Free Service
All ads can be removed from forum pages.
No Yes Yes Yes
Upload Images & Files
Allow to upload images and files (word,excel,pdf,tub and zip) from local computers.
No Yes No No

 Allow your files uploaded from local computers as much as possible.
No Yes No No
Group Email
Send group messages to forum members/non-members.
No Yes No Yes
Sub-Domain Name Changeable
Allow to change forum's domain name.
No Yes Yes No
Faster Support Service
The special Diamond Support Forum and email: [email protected].
No Yes Yes No
Showcase Priority
Diamond forums are eligible to be listed on Showcase and Aimoo home pages.
No Yes No No
Chat Room Yes Yes Yes No
IP/Email/User Banning Yes Yes Yes Yes
Password Protected Forum & Sub-categories Yes Yes No Yes
Subscription Based System Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pre-approval Before Post Yes Yes No No
Empty Recycle Bin Yes Yes No No
Upload Pictures from PhotoBucket Yes Yes Yes No
Upload Videos from Youtube Yes Yes No Yes
Image Hosting and Blog Yes Yes Yes No
Timezone Adjustment Yes Yes Yes No
Forum Skin Customizations Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free Polls Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Forum Statistics Yes Yes Yes No
Diamond Price List
Creating new forums to get 12 days' Diamond Service and 10,000PV for free!Wanna get all features?
  Program Period Pageview Total Price
  1 Month 10,000 PV $7.5
  3 Months 60,000 PV $20
  6 Months 150,000 PV $35
  12 Months 400,000 PV $60
  24 Months 1,000,000 PV $120