• Hi EveryoneAimoo just keeps getting better and better. It is so nice to see such dedicated people running and helping out with it. I think that there is no other place online like aimoo. You can't get half of these services aimoo offers on other websites. I dont know what I'd do without aimoo. Even tho I'm busy in college I still find time to come run my group and be in others. Aimoo is easy to use and loaded with great features that you won't find much else. I run Seaside Cafe in aimoo and it's a great place to be, and I love making friends in aimoo. Roseyj
    by Roseyj, Oct 9, 2012
  • The thing that I always admired about Aimoo is the never-ending desire to improve.The home page looks like a winner
    by malloski, Jul 14, 2010
  • Thank you Aimoo for taking into account what the members had to say and for your decision to not go with the InfoLinks. I still think its the best on line site for forums, free and the diamond ones. Thank you Karrier, Dev, Angelbears and all the other moderators who helped calm nerves and tempers during this discussion.
    by Willow58, Feb 1, 2010
  • Hi my name is RoseyM I am the owner of http://roseyspspclub.aimoo.com and I am so glad to be with aimoo, I have made wonderful friends, and thanks to aimoo for making it so simple to register and join, it really is hat's off to them. They are working hard to make this place better than anywhere else online and I know they will do it, too. Keep up the great job aimoo, and know I'm behind you 100%. Aimoo is awsome!
    by RoseyM, Apr 28, 2011
  • Dear aimoo, With all the ups and downs, and ins and outs in maintenance that aimoo has been going through I must say that over all it is still the very best site out their and that is speaking through experience as well. Please, keep up the good work, I've been here now just over two years and have paid my second year of Diamond Service with no disappointment. As always, the Mod. are awesome, couldn't ask for better mods. as man have posted that they literally are the very best of help. Always prompt, patient, certious, and always willing to go out of their way to help everyone. Hats off and keep up the good work.
    by 00Marie, Apr 15, 2011
  • Hi everyone, my name is Marie and my group is http://letsgettogetheragain.aimoo.com. I love it here, so much better MSN, keep up the great work Aimoo, God bless!!!
    by Marie_is_back, Nov 17, 2010
  • Being that I was a wrestling roleplayer from MSN groups, I was not sure if I would like Aimoo due to sometimes errors and the way that their table layout maker would not work the way that MSN groups had it because I make layouts. Since joining though, I was able to save most of my layouts and have a group just for the storage. Anyways, Aimoo is no where close to MSN standards but they made their own standards.
    by MetaKnight_Prophet, Nov 6, 2010
  • Even if I miss MSN groups,I do find this group to be quite clear and its design is simple enough for even a child to understand.
    by MetaKnight_Prophet, Oct 7, 2010
  • I just wanted to let Aimoo know, I have been here since MSN Closed down. And have tried many other online forums and they don't come near as close to MSN like yours does. I was so happy when you put the Html Editor in after I suggested a week afer i applied here. I have made many online friends through Aimoo. And Aimoo is great about changing forums. When you request to have it done. Again thank you for putting your time and effort into Aimoo with all the features are support. LadyBlueeyes.
    by Ladyblueeyes, Sep 27, 2010
  • I have tried many online forums and Aimoo seems to be the best and the other do not come close to being like Aimoo...You are the best by far most respectable online forum around. I have been here since msn closed down. I was so happy when you put in the Insert Table for making webpages I was like ok this is The Coolest ever Aimoo Keep up the friendly Communities you have here.. Aimoo is the greatest ever. LadyBlueEyes aka Kim
    by Ladyblueeyes , Sep 26, 2010
  • Aimoo has been a place of inspiration to me, I have learned how to manage a forum, how to get things people want and need. My forum NightOwl's Cafe, is my home online and I hope that Aimoo continues to grow and provide still excellent service in the years to come. There is no place else online you have as much freedom to do as you want with your site. Thanks to Aimoo it inspires people, helps people, and allows others to make new friends they would not other wise have. God bless, Aimoo!
    by JulieJewels, Sep 21, 2010
  • I have been here for three years and moved from MSN. I looked all over for a new home and Aimoo is the place to be. If there are ever any problems the Aimoo administrator and staff are always there for every need. I would recommend Aimoo to anyone and Aimoo will always be the home of my groups. Aimoo you are the best and I hope that you have many more years of sucess.
    by lawh44, Sep 2, 2010
  • We moved here back in 2008 from MSN and My members and myself love Aimoo.We are very happy we moved here when MSN closed, far better then MSN. Keep up the great work!!! Thank you so very much.
    by Sandy45, Sep 1, 2010
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