• Hi EveryoneAimoo just keeps getting better and better. It is so nice to see such dedicated people running and helping out with it. I think that there is no other place online like aimoo. You can't get half of these services aimoo offers on other websites. I dont know what I'd do without aimoo. Even tho I'm busy in college I still find time to come run my group and be in others. Aimoo is easy to use and loaded with great features that you won't find much else. I run Seaside Cafe in aimoo and it's a great place to be, and I love making friends in aimoo. Roseyj
    by Roseyj, Oct 9, 2012
  • The thing that I always admired about Aimoo is the never-ending desire to improve.The home page looks like a winner
    by malloski, Jul 14, 2010
  • Thank you Aimoo for taking into account what the members had to say and for your decision to not go with the InfoLinks. I still think its the best on line site for forums, free and the diamond ones. Thank you Karrier, Dev, Angelbears and all the other moderators who helped calm nerves and tempers during this discussion.
    by Willow58, Feb 1, 2010
  • I agree.  Aimoo have really gone out of their way to accommodate our needs. Keep up the great work Aimoo!!
    by Babs_Oz, Jan 25, 2009
  • Great news thank you so much for this feature I was begining to think that I would have to just give up making my beloved backgrounds as it was just soooo time consuming using HTML but now thanks to you I can once again start designing.. I SOOOOOOO MUCH appreciate this..
    by Jewelsgalor, Feb 20, 2009
  • Just a note to say I have been impressed with all the customization options Aimoo has incorporated in the time I have hosted a forum here.  Well done.
    by FuglyStick, Jan 4, 2009
  • Just wanted to say thank you to you, all for the support you offer here and link you have given me and my world wide friends. after M.S.N the worry of where we all would go was upsetting, you opened the door for us all to keep the bond that we had built, for that alone I thank you.. may your 2009 be great and may it rub off onto us all.. lol. keep up the good work guys.
    by jujupet, Jan 2, 2009
  • Thanks once again for everything.  Keep up the good work.  Until next time, take care and God bless everyone on Aimoo from staff to users.
    by Nathan Erving, May 6, 2009
  • Thank you for getting this fixed sure do appreciate everything you nice people do for us, I love Aimoo.
    by Pickles700, Mar 20, 2009
  • Thank you Administrator!!!!!!!   All you do for making Aimoo a good and functional site is truly applauded, and appreciated very much.
    by TrixieJHnF, May 23, 2009
  • I posted my thanks to Aimoo Admin long ago but will tell them again I am very happy with Aimoo and appreciate their hard work and all the help they offer.  One of the main reasons I choose Aimoo over other places is the fact they have readily available help!! 
    by TeddieFGFE, Jun 19, 2009
  • I have thanked Aimoo ,everytime i post ..I don't think we thank the Admin or the Mods enough for all they do. Aimoo is the best!!..
    by Glorene, Jun 20, 2009
  • I too thank you Aimoo Admin. for all you have done, and tried to do to help each person with a problem. Kudo's to you....I really appreciate all you do!!
    by TrixieJHnF, Jun 17, 2009
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