• Hi EveryoneAimoo just keeps getting better and better. It is so nice to see such dedicated people running and helping out with it. I think that there is no other place online like aimoo. You can't get half of these services aimoo offers on other websites. I dont know what I'd do without aimoo. Even tho I'm busy in college I still find time to come run my group and be in others. Aimoo is easy to use and loaded with great features that you won't find much else. I run Seaside Cafe in aimoo and it's a great place to be, and I love making friends in aimoo. Roseyj
    by Roseyj, Oct 9, 2012
  • The thing that I always admired about Aimoo is the never-ending desire to improve.The home page looks like a winner
    by malloski, Jul 14, 2010
  • Thank you Aimoo for taking into account what the members had to say and for your decision to not go with the InfoLinks. I still think its the best on line site for forums, free and the diamond ones. Thank you Karrier, Dev, Angelbears and all the other moderators who helped calm nerves and tempers during this discussion.
    by Willow58, Feb 1, 2010
  • When MSN closed it's doors to us I checked into all the sites available to replace it and it had to be somewhere that my members would be able to move around so after MANY places I visited I decided to go with 'Aimoo' as it was the most 'User Friendly' of them all and I have been very happy here with very few problems, you have the best 'Mods' who are all so helpfull & friendly and you are always coming up with new things to help make life a little easier for us all and hopefully they will still be able to also come up with an option like 'MSN' had so we will be able to still make our 'Backgrouds/Borders' like we used to at 'MSN' I would like to congratulate 'Aimoo' for opening your doors to us all and making this such a wonderful 'Cyber Home' for myself & my members..☺♥((Hugs~Jewels))
    by Jewelsgalor, Aug 28, 2010
  • I just wanted to say a quick "thank you" for making it much easier to build a site from anywhere else I've seen thus far. Not that it's a cake walk to build one anyway...lol, but at least with a lot of effort and hard work, it can be done.
    by SkySpirit448 , Aug 4, 2010
  • I will let them know what a wonderful support group Aimoo has, and admin for checking into this little glitch so promptly!!! Ya guys are the greatest!!!!!!!!!
    by Shortlady5, Jul 23, 2010
  • I love it here at Aimoo and the admin team are so very helpful, the Apps you have for use in your forums are very up to date and easy to use even for the beginner. Thanks Aimoo, wish you continued success.
    by virtuedart, Jul 9, 2010
  • Aimoo is by far the best forum web site in the net world and I've been to and tried some and none can out do Aimoo, seriously. They keep a clean site and they NEVER make any of their members wait when they need help, they're always right there asap when you need them even if it isn't a problem. Which also brings me to the Aimoo staffers being the most friendliest ppl I have ever met who not only are so awesome with patients to help anyone but, are also the most friendliest of staff of any forum web site I have ever been to and I have seen my fare share of them. I love Aimoo and they are sooo very much worth buck, I won't put my money anywhere else but, Aimoo. Thank you Aimoo and staff, my hats off to you all. Marie,Chit Chat Cafe
    by 00Marie, Jun 11, 2010
  • Just shortly after I had found out that Ning.com was pashing out free Communities in order to profit and were determined to cut everyone short on May 4th should they have chosen not to pay for premium services before having their communities terminated: I found myself having to move my 2 month old Community to a new online location. Through serious determination to keep my Community and its members together: I went on a mega search and while searching for free forum hosting- I found Aimoo.com. Their name was at the very top of the results listing. After taking interest and reading aimoo's home page- I quickly and very happily joined. Since I had found a new and more promising place- My community continues to thrive and grows even more than it had when we were temporarily residing with ning. Thank You Aimoo.com for all that you do to help make the internet a thriving place to have positive interaction through individual Communities.
    by Jade_Dove, Jun 10, 2010
  • I have stayed with Aimoo all these years because I firmly believe that you have the very best forum hosting service on Web. Nobody comes close. Thanks again
    by Christmas Music Guru, Feb 10, 2010
  • I have had glitches, and I have been frustrated but I can honestly say that the help I received and the personal time that the moderators spent on my problems was greatly appreciated. The administrator was also very helpful and moved quickly to solve the problems that the moderators didn't have the authority to solve. Finding Aimoo after being on MSN for 10 years was a god send. So people think before you click that Post New Topic or Post Reply button. And moderators, thanks for your time and patience. God Bless.
    by Willow58, Jan 1, 2010
  • Aimoo is by for the most congenial of all the forums I have dealt with, they do try to make there members happy. It gets them wanting Diamond forums, if they are happy!!
    by TrixieJHnF, Dec 6, 2009
  • I have been with Aimoo for almost a year now and I love it here. I have to say that although I miss some of what MSN groups offered Aimoo has some pretty good features that we didn't have at MSN and problems are solved a lot quicker and without the generic answers that MSN use to send us. Thanks.
    by Willow58, Oct 1, 2009
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