Function Code
FONT [FONT family=Arial color=red size=14px]The text you can format [/FONT]
URL [LINK SiteName=Your Site Name Target=_blank][/LINK]
CENTER [CENTER]The text you want to center [/CENTER]
MEDIA [MEDIA width=400 height=60 autoplay=1 loop=0][/MEDIA]
EMAIL [E=salesman][/E]
FLASH [FLASH width=400 height=400][/FLASH]
BOLD [B]The text yuou want bold[/B]
ITALICS [I]The text you want italicized[/I]
UNDERLINE [U]The text you want underlined[/U]
MARQUEE [MARQUEE]The text you want fly[/MARQUEE]
URL [L=Myhomesite][/L]
QUOTE [Q]The text you can quote[/Q]

If you want to bullet list use:
[LI]List Item
[LI]List Item

If you want to numbered list use:
[LI]List Item
[LI]List Item