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Serenity Shores
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City Homes
Shoreline Apartments
Beachside Bungalos
Glenn Ridge
Millionaire Estates

Around Town and Out of Town
The Church
Anywhere On Earth
Serenity Beach
Serenity Shores Marina

Serenity Emergency Facilities
Serenity Fire Company 71
Serenity Police Precinct 69
DA's Office
Mercy Medical Center
Legal Arts Building
The Invisable Shield Protection Agency
F B I Field Office

Serenity Educational Services
Serenity Univirsety

Serenity Eateries
Katie's Kitchen
Mama Mia's
O'Shays Irish Pub
Hells Kitchen
Lickable Sweets
Dreamy Sweets

Serenity Mall
Shopping Center
Serenity Cinemas 12
Pet Shop
Rock N Bowl
Cloud 9

Serenities Adult Entertainment District
Players Club
Midnight Seductions
Club 4- Play
Hard Rollers
B J Hardaway Studios
Club Inferno

Serenity Transport System
Serenity International Airport

Serenity Hotels
Wilshire Regency Arms
Hotel Erotica

Serenity Shores Business District
Fox/Night/Thoma Inc

Serenity Small Businesses
Body and Soul
Wreck Tech
Beautiful Buds and Blooms

The Commune of Love and Preservence.
Jacobs Hideout
The Coven

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