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Sunset Bay is a reality roleplaying site. Come and join as a character you have created and live their life how you want - as a rich celebrity, a middle class school teacher, or a struggling artist, or absolutely anything in between. Interact with our current characters and live life the way you want. The only limit here is your imagination!

Founded: 06/10/2010
Forum category: Recreation
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Sunset Manors
Beachside Bungalows
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Cliffside Condominiums
Waterfront Lofts
Whistling Winds Trailer Park

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City Hall
Sunset Bay Fire and Police Department
Sunset Bay Memorial Hospital
Madison's Market
Sunset Inn
The Sunset Rowland
Arte de la Bahía de Sunset
Waterfront Corporate

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The Emerald Dragon
Amor Italiano
Halftime's Sports Bar & Grill
Grounds 'n' Grains
Sunset Mall
Glow Spa and Salon
Sunrise to Sunset Gym

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Sunset Bay Nature Reserve
Skyline Cliffs
Sunset Beach
Driftwood Park
Outside of Sunset Bay
Communication Central

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Sunset Bay High School
Atlantic Ridge University

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