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Speaking in Tongues is one of the most hotly debated subjects in the Christian world. This forum is purpose built for this discussion. Whether you speak in tongues or not, this is the place for you to discuss and better understand the main purpose and function of Speaking in unknown Tongues as layed out in the Bible

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Duty of Spiritual Care: Showing Due Diligence
Duty of Spiritual Care

General Discussion

Tongues and the Book of Acts
Speaking in Tongues in the Book of Acts
The Burden of Proof
The Three Witnesses
Acts Chapter 4: The first outreach
Acts Chapter 8: Simon the Sorcerer
Acts Chapter 8: The Ethiopian Eunuch
Acts Chapter 9: The Conversion of Paul
Acts Chapter 10 and 11: The Conversion of the Gentiles
Acts 19: The conversion of the Ephesians

Tongues and the Corinthians
The Corinthians Chapter 11 to 14 Model
1st Corinthians Chapter 11
1st Corinthians Chapter 12
1st Corinthians Chapter 14

Is Tongues The Evidence of The Holy Ghost Baptism?
Initial evidence or optional gift

The Day of Pentecost
Tongues on the Day of Pentecost: Communication or Unknown Tongues

Speaking in Tongues and the "Sabbath-Rest"
New Sub-category Example

Mark Chapter 16:16-20 The 5 Signs that Follow Believers
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