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We are a group of cavy owners, breeders and some of us show as well. We have come together to offer support, help and advice, and fun any day of the 'wheek'!

Founded: 11/19/2009
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Introduce Yourself
Introduce yourself

General Cavy Chit Chat
General Cavy Chit Chat

Nibbles and Slurps- What we feed our Cavies
Nibbles and Slurps- what we feed our cavies

Bun in the Oven- Breeding Cavies
Bun in the Oven- Breeding Cavies

Cavy Fairy- Talk of new litters and was the Sow fairy good to us?
The Cavy Fairy- Introduce your new litter

Health and Happiness- illness, diseases, and keeping our Cavies well
Health and Happiness

The Caviary- Cages, hutches and your set up
All topics to do with caviary, hutches, cages etc

Your Stud- Tell us about your stud and a link too
Your stud

For Sale & Wanted- Cavies and equipment
For sale & Wanted- Cavies and equipment

The Coffee Shop- General chat, jokes, puzzles and your soapbox too!
The coffee Shop

For Sale & Wanted- Non cavy stuff
For sale & Wanted- Non Cavy Stuff

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