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If you've happened to find this place by sheer chance, pause for a moment and ask yourself... do I have anything I really need to get off my chest? If so, then this might be your lucky day, or maybe not so lucky, but just a glimmer of hope for better days to come. Here you'll find a diversified groups of people who need to vent and do so united in our NEW & IMPROVED forum of venting. We have a colorful group of topics to choose from when it comes to pains in the ass and life in general. Chances are one is going to hit a nerve with you and the need to express yourself finally might take toll. You won't ever be judged and you might be surprised to find out how many people actually are fed up just like you. AND, if you're having a great day, heard a funny joke, or have some great news,don't be fooled by all the loud talk around here because we enjoy this too and would like to read about it as well. Come on! Make someone's day happy and sparkly! LOL! So, if the Complaint Department description makes you raise an eyebrow and wonder if this is what you need every once in a while, or everyday... we're here and aim to please. We just ask that you always respect your fellow complainers and to keep in mind sometimes complaining isn't pretty. You might have to wince your eyes here and there, but in the end you'll be asking yourself, " Well why in the hell didn't I say that??" The Complaint Dept for you? If so, we're waiting and want to know what's on your mind today.

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Gloomy days..

KIDS! Who invented them anyhow?
Our lill' whipper Snappers

Love, lust, hate, money, drama... a good novel? NO! A relationship!
War of the Roses

Family matters, or does it really?
All in the family

Money rules everything around me

Woe is me
My shoulder is your shoulder

The sweat shop
The Work Field

Nose pickers, slow drivers, ppl who chew their gum too loud, etc

Jokes R Us
Ya' got a "funny"? Heeheehawwhaww

Could this be a rosey-filled day???
Ahh peaches and cream

If I could I would...

Let's Talk T.V.
Tell me whatcha watchin

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