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Las Vegas a city of lights, shows, gambling and excitement where it attracts people of all kinds to visit and enjoy themselves... ...But deep with in The City of Sin there is a world where no normal person dares to go and only a few who do travel the darken streets are there for more then the lights, shows or gambling, they are there to take part in a battle between good and evil for controll of the city or to destory it. With in this world demons of all kinds roam free but there are those who hunt them and there are those who slay them. But there are some that have come to The City of Sin for other reasons which are unknown to most and known to others as this world is known as... THE WITCHING HOUR. The Eden Effect Presents a setting called The Witching Hour, which was inspired by the TV show called Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel. Here we bring you into the world of the supernatral where good verses evil for controll of Las Vegas or even the world. The series takes players to a whole new setting of npcs and story lines from that of The TV shows.

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