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An Anime, Manga, and Video Game roleplaying site for those with a good or great imagination and the aspiration to have a good time. Play as your favorite characters in the neutral and often changing world of Yggdrasil. Where the people strive for various goals of forming an adventure party of legend, becoming a world champion fighter, or even pushing their bodies to the limit attain the status of god. The only limits to your characters potential is the limits of your imagination. Join today and get started in a whole new world of roleplaying.

Founded: 04/22/2012
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Royal State Akuma- Demacroft
Castle Obiki

Island State of Alfheimr- Demacroft
Temple of Eternal Love
Black Magic Stadium
Alfheimr Kingdom
Magic Academy
Port Alfheimr

Balancing State Midgard- Demacroft
Valhalla - Hall of the Goddess
Equilibrium- City of Balance

Mystic State Captivaturu- Demacroft
Captivaturu Castle

Utopia- La Liberta
La Liberta Chateau
La Liberta Academy- Classes
La Liberta Academy- Dorms
La Liberta Town
La Liberta Colosseum

Royal State Tasukaru- Tenshi
Tasukaru Grand Palace
The 6th Dimension
Tasukaru City

State of Spirits Sari- Tenshi
Sari City
Zone of Primals

Natural Paradise Eden- Tenshi
World Tree Yggdrasil - Residential
World Tree Yggdrasil - Royal Level
World Tree Yggdrasil - Commercial

The Human State Avalon- Tenshi
Nightflower City
Luisa Village
Avalon Hall
Avalon Port Village

Maximus- Prison Island La Liberta
Maximus Prison
Maximus Asylum

Outer Lands
ITS- International Television Station
Northern Lands
Southern Lands
Central Lands
Western Lands
Eastern Lands
The Cyber Macro Cosmos

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