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new york city is up and going the big apple big city,lot of family members are in charge,and are going to get the big apple,up and moving,for the rights of everyone here

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New York City Homes
NYC Homes
Nyc Beach
Local Park n Hike Trail
Park Pool n WorkOut Area
Mountain\Castle Hawk
Heavenly Rest Stop
Internet Cafe

Uptown Area
Uptown Area
The Rodreguiz Camerot Medical Clinic
The Cruz Family Private Eye Agency
The Morgan Transit Authority.
New York Subway
The Nypd
City Hall
NYC Entertainment Plaza
Living Treasures Animal Park
Planet Hollywood!!

Downtown New York
Downtown Area
Nyc GameStop Video Store.
Nyc High School
NYC Univeristy
Nyc Giant Eagle
Nyc Holiday Inn Hotel\Animal Shelter.
Shop And Save
Homeless Shelter
Anywhere Usa
The Lexi Camerot Bowling Alley

Times Square
Time Square Area
The Nyc Liqour Store N Coolers
Bob Evans Restaurant
Miss Kitty& Tara Applebees .Bar n Grill
NFL Sports Complex
Hard Rock Cafe
Smokey Wall Tavern Bar n Grill.

Manhatten Area
Manhattan Homes
NYC Condos n Apartments
NYC Mansions
Paradise Spa
2 Bros Pizza
Twisted Angel Record Studio
Stratus Wrestling Academy
Nyc Local Funeral Home
Graceland Cemetery
Club Inferno
Manhatten Church Of Life.

Hidden Love Nightclub
Outlawz Sports Bar and Grill
Carters Autobody Shop
Made by Money

Fostor Help And Serve Enterprices
Fostor&Friends Homes n Condos
Entertainment Stars Of The Future.
Madison Square Garden
NYC Bank.And Trust
Public Libarey
Music Stars Of Today\Tomorrow
Child Welfare Office
Nyc Social Service's Centel.
Fostor Help n Serve Enterprices
Nyc Fostor House Orphanage

New Cooper Family Enterprices
Cooper Family Enterprices.
CNBS News Station n Radio
Coopers Family Homes n Condos
Cooper Sports Club Bar & Grill.
Coopers Ent.Toy Store R US
Subway Sub Shop
Cooper Ent Real Estate Company
Cooper Ent.Nostolgia Electrics

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