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We are a loving community that joins together to support each other in our struggles with abuse and the impact it has on our lives. The effects of abuse can be so overwhelming it can leave an undesirable road map to our future, but we don't have to accept this road, and we don't have to be alone in our struggle. Sharing with other survivors makes the healing path more bearable. Repressing the abuse, whether it is mental or physical just doesn't work! It might seem you are in control and might even last for a long time, but it will only come out in other ways such as depression, anger, disorders, and choices in life, until we face our abuse. We hope this community will give us a sharing avenue to help each other in the various stages of healing.....We are not professionals here but experience the benefits and comfort of sharing with others that really understand and know our pain and learn from each other. Inviting you to walk with us on our healing journey. Best wishes for your re

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