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1.Heavenly Virgin Mother God
Heavenly First Virgin Mother

2.Mother of All Eve
Mother Goddess Eve

3.Queen of Sheba
Queen of Sheba

4.Mother of Gods Venus
Love Goddess of Beauty Venus Aphrodite

5.Mother Goddess Isis
Sun Goddess of Life Aset Isis

6.Queen Cleopatra
Queen Cleopatra VII

7. Apostle St.Mary Magdalen
Mary Magdalen Wife of Jesus

8.Queen Isabel The Chatolic
Mother of Americans

9.Empress Mumtaz Mahal
Empress Mumatz Mahal

Romeo and Juliette

11.Queen Marie Antoinette
Queen of France

14.Priest Melkisedek
Priest Melkisedek

Benjamin brother of Joseph

16.King Arthur
King Arthur of Camelot

17.President Thomas Jefferson
President of U.S.A.

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