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Are you looking for some fun and Lots of Siggies? Well,You have come to the "right" place!!! We are a fun loving Friendship And PSP Group!. We offer many variety of things to do: Whether you are a PSPer or a Non PSPer, we have Activities for Both!.Many Interactive Threads For All, Weekly PSP Challenges (8 in all) & Weekly Tuts, Games to Win SIggys and Games We play for Fun.. We have a very large selection of Wonderful FTU Tubes, Backgrounds, Cluster Frames, Word Art, Quick Pages, TagBacks, Masks, PSP Templates, Font Shares, Lots of FTU Tut Shares and more. You can sign Up to be Our "DIVA OF THE WEEK" and get very very spoiled! We would love to have you join Us! We have been together for 11 years and have built a strong bond with our members. We have talented Designers who love to create fabulous tags for you..Come on in and Join the fun!! Hope to See You Soon....♥ One Quick Note::: No BLANK Applications will be accepted. Please add why you would like to join.

Founded: 11/22/2008
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