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Are you looking for a place to just be yourself and/or ready to make new friends? Or perhaps you're one of the many who struggle with depression and its baggage. Or the stress brought on by everyday life? Regardless, we understand, especially how depression can hurt and effect our everyday lives. We may be low in numbers but we are very active and supportive. We have game winning tag boards to lightened the mood. But our priority has and always will be to lend support and an ear to those who are need. A place to vent or share your thoughts with others who understand all too well.We take pride in having creative a friendly and informative group that has so much to offer. We welcome you to stop by and see for yourself and if our group appeals to you. I believe you will be pleasantly surprised! Please note that posting within reason is required as it is our only means of communication. Although our group title may indicate we are a Christian based group we are not however we do welcom

Founded: 11/02/2008
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